Blogging the Bible- June 16

Judges 16-18; Proverbs 19:1-14

Samson is a complicated figure. He is chosen and empowered by God. God has given him great physical strength, but he appears to have some flaws in his character. We see him go to spend the night with a prostitute, hardly a thing encouraged by Scripture, yet we see God use him to beat back Israel’s enemies.

Sometimes we see complicated people and we write them off because we can’t understand how God might use them. In reality, we are all complicated. Sin breaks us, mars us and holds us back from accomplishing all that God would do in us. For those of us who believe in Jesus, sin does not have the final say. Sin doesn’t get the last laugh.

Samson, though complicated and fallen, has the last word. Samson tells Delilah about the source of his strength. She uses that against him and Samson is captured. Hidden at the end of that part of the story is a little detail. It tells of how Samson had his eyes gouged out and was made to grind grain in prison, but also that his hair began to grow back.

The Philistines bring Samson out to taunt him and celebrate their victory, but Samson brings the party to a crashing halt when God gives him the strength to push the central pillars and bring the roof down on everyone at the party. All of those inside and below died.

While Samson might not be the model character we want to pattern our life around, it is proof that God uses complicated people to accomplish His will.


~ by mikefoster on June 16, 2016.

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