Blogging the Bible- May 17

Matthew 14-16; Psalm 64

What causes us to sin? Jesus plainly says, it is not what is put in front of us. No temptation. No food. Nothing done to us from the outside can make us sin or sinful. It is only what comes out of us. Those things that come out of our heart, out of our mouths or the actions of our hands. What our lives produce, this is what causes us to sin.

We see this plainly in the responses of Peter. Jesus asks who the believe Him to be? Peter responds with what we call the Good Confession, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Jesus pronounces on Him a blessing for his correct response that came from the Father. Peter could have chosen to say whatever he wanted, but he followed God’s prompting.

Shortly after this, after Jesus begins to tell them about what is going to happen to Him, Peter responds again, this time with a less than favorable response. Peter tells Jesus that in no way what He said can or should ever happen. Jesus proceeds to call him satan, meaning adversary, because he was so obstinate.

Jesus’ question didn’t bring Peter a blessing, it was his response. Just like it wasn’t Jesus’ foretelling of His future death that made Peter sin, it was his response. It is not what goes in that makes us sinful, but what comes out.

What comes out is fostered, cultivated and developed by what goes in, what we allow to grow and take root in our lives. The seed of God’s Word falls on our life, we get to choose if we allow it to take root, we choose what grows. From this very basic choice, we make decision today concerning our future actions, whether they will be pleasing or not to God.


~ by mikefoster on May 17, 2016.

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