Blogging the Bible- May 12

Matthew 8-10; Psalm 62

Matthew tells us several stories of how Jesus healed people. Some up close with just a word. Others from far away just by telling the one requesting the healing that it will be done. Some He touched; others touched Him. Jesus time and time again proves that He has power over our illnesses.

Not only our illness but our environment as well. He’s in a boat with His disciples and a storm comes up. They start freaking out thinking they are going to die. Meanwhile, Jesus calmly wakes up quiets the storm, and the disciples are awed.

This is what Jesus does. He proves Himself to be our faithful Savior time and time again. He knows our needs. He knows our trials. He lovingly guides and directs. He teaches and helps us to overcome our deficiencies.

I think even before God came to Earth in the form of Jesus, David knew about this same work. The same faithful Savior has always been at work.

I wait quietly before God, for my salvation comes from him.- Psalm 62:1

He says over and over again that the Lord is his salvation. He will wait for the Lord, and that he has never been put to shame for his trust in God.

Our God is big enough. Our God is strong enough. Our God is good enough. Let’s wait on Him and see what He will do instead of being so anxious to accomplish our plans today. May we wait on God to deliver. May we wait expectantly, ready to go when the Lord calls.


~ by mikefoster on May 12, 2016.

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