Blogging the Bible- May 10

Matthew 1-4; Psalm 60

It never ceases to amaze me how the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew inspires such awe. At face value, it’s a list of names, but at a deeper level it is the story of how God worked through generations of people to bring salvation to man.

When you look at the names, we know some of their stories. Some of them are just footnotes along the way; others are only mentioned here. It is a reminder that God uses normal everyday people like you and me to accomplish His will, His plan.

Even  as Jesus arrives there are already those set out to kill Him, to thwart God’s plan before it even begins. Who knows how many babies lost their lives because of Herod’s rage? In light of all the enemies that would line up to confront Jesus, He overcomes each one.

In fact Jesus is so focused on doing the right thing that He goes the Jordan to be baptized by John. Not because of sin, but to fulfill all that is right. John admits that he should be baptized by Jesus, but helps Jesus fulfill His mission by baptizing Him. Then the sky opened, the Spirit descended like a dove and God proclaimed His approval of His Son.

After a period of fasting and temptation, Jesus returns to call disciples to Himself and begin His ministry. Note that even Jesus can’t accomplish His mission on His own, He brings others along to assist and complete the task.

The baton that was passed from Jesus to the Disciples so long ago is passed to us. Our name now falls in the lineage of Jesus. No it is not a physical genealogy, but a spiritual one. We too are called to pass it on so others might know and others can take their place in the line. The line of those called by God, to serve Him, to complete His mission and to save the world.

It never ceases to amaze me how the God continues to use normal people to accomplish His will. You too can be used by God.


~ by mikefoster on May 10, 2016.

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