Blogging the Bible- May 9

Joshua 22-24; Psalm 59

Final words seem to carry more meaning. When life is drawing to a close, the things that matter most bubble to the surface. So as Joshua faces his final days, he calls the leaders of Israel together.

He recounts for them their history, even going back to the Abraham’s father. He tells of the promise to Abraham of being made into a great nation. He tells of their people going down to Egypt, and how God brought them out with awesome acts of power.

Parting the Red Sea, that’s crazy, but Joshua saw it with his own eyes. There weren’t too many among them who may have remembered the Red Sea, but all would have remembered how God brought down Jericho and ran out the nations among them.

You would think that having seen all of these works, hearing stories of the other works long ago, these people would have been devoted to God forever? Joshua still feels the need to assert to them the need for continued faithfulness, and they continue for a time. Until you turn the page. There, at the beginning of the book of Judges, the people of Israel had forgotten about God.

I guess the Israelite were about, “What have you done for me lately?” Since God hadn’t done anything huge, they thought He must have left. God’s enduring presence is still there no matter if He is knocking down walls or parting the sea or quietly guiding you through the day.

May our prayer, our steadfast hope be the same as that of Joshua’s:

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


~ by mikefoster on May 9, 2016.

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