Blogging the Bible- May 8

Joshua 19-21; Psalm 58

David looks at those around him and realizes they are perverting justice. They are not treating others the way they should. Instead of protecting those who need protected, they are attacking them.

He says that even though God and His prophets may be calling to them to change their ways, they refuse to listen. They have made the choice to follow their own tune, to go their own way.

David then begins to pray in a way that sounds very destructive. Very not prayer-like. He calls for God to break them, to destroy them. Isn’t this the way we want to pray about our enemies. That would destroy them and get rid of them for us.

Here’s the thing, we pray vengefully about certain things, when we should wait for God’s judgment. Not that we shouldn’t want evil to fail, but that we should desire to see the people’s hearts changed by God for good.

Like Jonah, who gets made because Nineveh repents. We should be thankful when people’s hearts are turned back to God. The godly rejoice when injustice is avenged, how much more when the ungodly begin to follow God?

Just as God apportioned the land to His people long ago, God is preparing a place for those who love and follow Him. A place away from injustice and hurt. A place where they can find refuge in Him.


~ by mikefoster on May 8, 2016.

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