Blogging the Bible- May 3

Joshua 10-12; Psalm 55

As the Israelites came into the land God told them to kill everyone in the land. Now to us this seems harsh. In a land where discipline has softened so as to not hurt one’s self-esteem on the way to good character, many would look at this and say that God went too far.

The thing is God is the ultimate judge. In fact it starts at the beginning with God as Creator. When you make something, create something new, you get to make the rules for it. How it works? How it operates? So since God created at the world, He defines the rules and the punishment for breaking said rules. This gives God the title of Ruler as well. He created, He governs, He rules, He judges.

The time had come for their punishment to be doled out. The right punishment, as determined by the Creator and executed by the Ruler, was death. They had long abandoned God and worship of Him, they chose man made gods of rock and stone instead. Their character was deplorable, sacrifice children to these capricious gods along with other acts of immorality  (all in the name of worship).

David finds himself hemmed in by his enemies. His prayer, the same as the judgment God meted out to the occupants of the Promised Land. That God would enact His vengeance and wrath on them, that judgment would be poured out, and they be no more.

God acts on behalf of His people. While asking for death for your enemies may be harsh, know that God desires to come to our aid, both for support and vindication. As Paul said to the Romans, we must leave room for God’s wrath, and He will repay.

You are loved by a holy God. As you pursue Him notice the things He does for you.



~ by mikefoster on May 3, 2016.

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