Blogging the Bible- May 1

Joshua 4-6; Psalm 53

I do not pretend to be a strategic military strategist. I don’t know how to cover my flank or out flank the enemy. I do have an idea that if you want to conquer a city or area, you might have to do more than walk around the city.

But that is because I am thinking according to the ways of man. So you see, when the angel of the Lord appears and gives you a different battle plan, you go with that.

Who would ever devise a plan of walking around a walled city for seven days in complete silence, until you have completed the necessary laps, and then you get to shout as loud as you can?

Who would think that that would actually take down a city?

Who would think that it would bring victory?


And Joshua.

It took faith to trust a plan that doesn’t make rational sense because you absolutely trust the source of the plan. The Israelites couldn’t say, “Look how we took down mighty Jericho.” Because they didn’t take down Jericho, God did.

That was just the way God wanted it.

If the Israelites thought that they had defeated Jericho on their own, they would have quit following God and trusted their own strength. God gave them the victory by supernatural means so all they could do is give God the glory.

Oh, that salvation would come from Mount Zion to rescue Israel! For when God restores his people, Jacob will shout with joy, and Israel will rejoice. – Ps. 53:6


~ by mikefoster on May 1, 2016.

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