Blogging the Bible- April 13

Deuteronomy 23-26; Psalm 47

Do we know our story? Israel was a people who knew their story, where they had come from. When they told it, they told of the awesome power of God, how He had done great things for them. How He brought them into the Promised Land.

The Lord Most High is awesome, the great King of all the Earth.

So how does one respond to the great King, the Lord Most High? You blow the trumpets. You sing His praises. You tell of His greatness again and again. When He makes a rule, you keep it. When He gives rules for conduct, you follow.

He has done great things for us. We are His prized possession.

Psalm 47 says that God is honored everywhere. While this may be true among much of creation, it doesn’t always appear that way with man. Some of that falls to the choices others have made. They have not chosen to follow God and His Son Jesus. Some of that maybe because we haven’t done as good of job in declaring His goodness and might.

How will the world know unless we tell them? Unless we declare His praise. It may be through singing. It may just be in telling the story. The story of what God has done for His people.


~ by mikefoster on April 13, 2016.

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