Blogging the Bible- April 7

Deuteronomy 14-16; Psalm 44

What is it like when God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers? The descendants of Korah write this Psalm. They know the stories of old. God parted the Red Sea. When the Israelites came into the land, they didn’t have to fight, God fought for them.

But now it seems He has turned His back. They can’t find the sin in their life. They haven’t worshiped any other God. So where is God?

In moments like these, some bail on God. Some run away. Some curse Him and do their own thing.

Though God doesn’t cause evil to happen to us, I think He allows it from time to time to see if we will trust Him in any and all situations. Will we only trust Him when times are good? Or will we also trust Him when things are tough?

In the hard times, the dark places, it can be hard to walk with God. But it is in the hard times and dark places, where our faith grows strong, our roots go deep. It is there that we learn that we can trust God through anything, and when the next storm hits, we’ll be ready.


~ by mikefoster on April 7, 2016.

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