Blogging the Bible- March 23

Galatians 1-3; Psalm 38

How often do we make the Gospel about something different than it is? How often are we pulled aside by secondary matters instead of remaining committed to what is most important?

Paul calls those who preach another Gospel accursed. He even calls out Peter who, though not preaching a different Gospel with his words, was preaching a different Gospel with his actions. He was living more like a Gentile when the formerly Jewish Christians weren’t around, but as soon as James and the boys came up, Peter changed his tune.

Now there is nothing wrong with hanging out and catching up with old friends, but if it changes your entire attitude and perception that probably isn’t good. Paul called out Peter, and seemingly in public (a public sin deserves a public response).

How do we live out our faith in public? How do we engage those around us? Are we as salt and light? Do we purify our culture and preserve our faith for a coming generation? Are we light, shining the way out of darkness and towards the glory of God?

Too often I believe we are caustic, repelling people from the truth, either by tone or approach. May we remember that the Gospel is to be inclusive, that it should be attractive. We love because Christ loved us. For God so loved the world. They will know we are His disciples by our love. May we follow our Master’s example and so live out the Gospel to a world in need.


~ by mikefoster on March 23, 2016.

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