Blogging the Bible- March 17

Numbers 25-27; Psalm 35

As the Israelites were making their way to their new home, they began to interact with some of the local people. Their spiritual and moral compass wasn’t real strongly tuned yet, and so they began to be lead astray to worship Baal, one of the local gods. When this was found out, the ringleaders of the coup against God were to be brought forth and executed.

At the same time, Phinehas son of Eleazar, grandson of Aaron, sees an Israelite committing a sin with a Midianite woman. Phinehas grabs a spear goes to the man’s tent and runs the spear through both the man and the woman. Now I am not saying that there are times that capital punishment may be justified, I initially cringe because I  wonder if the crime deserved that level of punishment.

Here’s the difference, between Phinehas and me. Phinehas saw a gross, egregious sin, and burned with such righteous indignation that this man would raise such and affront towards God that his only response was to purge the sin from the camp. He was not waiting for confession. He was not waiting for a time of healing and redemption. This man was boldface sinning before God, and Phinehas knew that God would not bless them with this sin before them.

How do we treat sin? I’m pretty sure none of us has run someone through with a spear due to sin. But have we gone to far by growing to comfortable with sin.Though our God is a God of grace, who gives abundantly to all who ask, our God is still holy. In His holiness God still abhors sin. So how do we abhor sin and purge it from our communities, while still leading with grace? How do we rid our churches and lives of sin so that we can be holy and pleasing to God? How do we do so, in such a way that we might help others find their way back to God?


~ by mikefoster on March 17, 2016.

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