Blogging the Bible- March 16

Numbers 22-24; Psalm 34

So as to not completely confuse you with names, we’ll use their titles. The King sends messengers to a certain Seer/Prophet. The request is that the Seer would come and place a curse on an enemy of the King. The King promises a HUGE (or YUGE, if you are Donald Trump) reward if he comes and does the job. The Seer replies that while he’d like to, he can only say what God gives him to say. Messengers return without Seer.

The King, not liking being rebuffed, sends more messengers and a promise of an even greater reward. During their visit God tells Him to go. So the Seer goes with the messengers, but on the way God tells Him again, through the Seer’s donkey and the Angel of the Lord, that He can only say what God tells him and he must bless God’s people.

So they set up the altars and make the sacrifices and the Seer waits for a word from God. When he receives it, the Seer blesses the King’s enemies and doesn’t curse them. The King is furious saying that he brought the Seer to curse his enemy not bless them. This happens three times total, each with the same result.

It baffles me that the King was frustrated by the Seer’s response. He told him plainly that he can only say what God tells him, nothing more, nothing less.

It is the same in our culture, when we hold to our values, grounded in faith. “Why don’t you do this or that?” “It goes against our values, our beliefs.” Then we act and do things consistent with our beliefs, morals and values, and then there is great surprise.

We ought to live lives as consistent at possible and in the words of David “tell of the Lord’s greatness” and “exalt His name together”. For it is because of the Lord’s goodness that we can live out our faith. May we pursue Him daily.


~ by mikefoster on March 16, 2016.

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