Blogging the Bible- March 14

Numbers 15-17; Psalm 32

Oh, how good it is to be forgiven. How good it is to know the forgiveness of God and forgiveness from others. To no longer feel the weight of guilt. To no longer be burdened by the sin we committed.

It is interesting that these two passages are paired together in this reading plan. The passage from Numbers deals greatly with the sin of the Israelites. The first part of the section is more about atoning for sin with proper sacrifices, but then it transitions to a conflict and rebellion over who’s in charge.

Because of the disobedience of the people, the trip to the Promised Land was going to take 40 years longer than it should have. Can you imagine a road trip taking 40 years longer than planned? We get mad when it takes 40 minutes longer and even 40 hours longer (unless it is an international flight) is unthinkable.

Grumbling starts in the camp, then mutiny seems to be growing. Twice in this text God appears to want to destroy all those who stand in rebellion, yet Moses and Aaron pray to God for the people. Many still die. We don’t know all of their names or their specific situations and positions, but God is not a capricious god. He doesn’t enact justice flippantly. Instead, He is a deliberate God. He enacts justice and discipline on those who deserve and to the degree they deserve it.

That is also why God is such a forgiving God. He knows the price that must be paid for forgiveness, He made that payment through Jesus on the cross. He sealed it with an empty tomb. No longer do we have to fear God’s judgment, for we can stand before Him, righteous in Jesus.

God is still a God of justice. “Many sorrows come to the wicked…” But He is just as much a God of love and grace. “But unfailing love surrounds those who trust the Lord.”


~ by mikefoster on March 14, 2016.

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