Blogging the Bible- March 2

Leviticus 15-18; Proverbs 16:1-16

Did you know that scapegoat was first used in the Bible? Long before it was used in sports to refer to Bill Buckner or Steve Bartman, it referred to an actual goat that was chosen that would “carry” the sins of the Israelites away from the camp. On the Day of Atonement two goats would be chosen, one would be sacrificed, it’s blood shed for the Atonement of God’s people.

The other goat was taken outside of the camp, and the High Priest would place his hands on the head of the goat and confess the sins of the people over the goat. The goat would then be led out to the wilderness and be set free. As the goat walked away, the sins of the people would be carried away as well.

If you are a believer in Jesus, He is the one who carried our sins “outside the camp”. He was led outside of the city and crucified. His blood shed, our sins placed on Him. The difference is that instead of having to rehearse this ritual year after year, it was done for us once and for all time when Jesus died on the cross.

For us who believe, this should make all the difference. Half-hearted faith is really no faith at all. To only play at worship, is not worship at all. When we consider the lengths to which Jesus went to restore our relationship with God. We should be willing to give all to Him.

Jesus, our scapegoat, took our blame, our sin, our punishment, so that we might have His righteousness.


~ by mikefoster on March 2, 2016.

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