Blogging the Bible- February 16

Acts 7-9; Proverbs 10:17-32

Words are important. Too often we speak without thinking. We use words carelessly, when we do we hurt people. Words carelessly spoken is sin. Solomon says that the godly speak helpful words, that they are an encouragement to many and that they are like sterling silver. Our words should be pleasant and helpful to those who hear them. Pleasant words don’t always mean people will like them or that we can’t share hard truth with people, but we do so in such a way that is ultimately for their good and in a way they will be open to hearing and understanding.

Notice how the Disciples shared. The Sanhedrin wasn’t receptive to Stephen, but he had to share a hard truth. God used the words of Philip to help introduce Samaria and a particular Ethiopian official to faith in God. Even Ananias spoke helpful words to Saul, who in turn spoke to many people throughout the known world about Jesus.

Today, don’t be afraid to use your words. Use helpful words. Encouraging words. Words that point to Jesus.


~ by mikefoster on February 16, 2016.

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