Blogging the Bible

Exodus 38-40; Proverbs 8

Choose wisdom for it is more valuable than silver or gold. Choose wisdom for it was created since the beginning. Choose wisdom, for those who do find life. They receive favor from the Lord.

Those who hate wisdom. Those who fail to choose wisdom bring harm to themselves and by their actions show they love death.

Where do we find wisdom? Where do we gain this understanding? We can only find true wisdom at its source. The good news is that God gives wisdom freely to those who ask of Him.

Our problem is heeding that wisdom. Too often we don’t like what wisdom says to us, so we choose our own way and because of that choice invite harm upon ourselves. We want to experience life, but our choices lead to death.

The Israelites followed God’s plan exactly. Built everything just as designed. Because of their obedience the Glory of the Lord descended upon the Tabernacle and led the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land.

Would God have showed up if they had disregarded God’s plans for something else because they “knew better”? Probably not. What if they thought God’s wisdom was old fashioned, narrow-minded or elitist? They probably wouldn’t have experienced God’s glory, direction or Divine provision.

Wisdom is God’s gift to us, to know His thoughts and His ways. Wisdom is the guide to live a God honoring life. Choose Wisdom. Choose Life.


~ by mikefoster on February 12, 2016.

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