Blogging the Bible

Exodus 32-34; Proverbs 6

If you don’t go with us personally, don’t let us move a step from this place.                 -Exodus 33:15

I wish these were my words everyday. Before getting out of bed, “Unless you go with me Lord, don’t let me move from this place.” Instead, we go where we want and occasionally we take Jesus with us. He’s always there (that’s the thing about omnipresence, He’s always there) but is He invited, is He involved. Does His presence make a difference?

It obviously did for Moses. Moses didn’t want to leave Sinai if God wasn’t going with them. Yet we go about our day in such a cavalier way that many don’t notice if God is with them or not.

We are a people of grace, I’ll just ask forgiveness. Yet Solomon pleads with us to obey our Father’s commands, to keep His words around our neck, to let them give us counsel as we walk along the way.

May His words guide us. May we take them with us, so He will not only be with us, but influence us today.


~ by mikefoster on February 10, 2016.

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