Blogging the Bible

Exodus 25-27; Proverbs 4

Our God is a god of detail. The specificity with which He lays out the Tabernacle and its contents. Here is the size of the object. Here is are the materials. Here is what it is for, where it is to be placed. Our God pays attention to the details.

This is good because it means He paid attention to the details with us too. When He made us, He took nothing to chance. Used the finest materials, wired us together just as He designed. Then why are their people with disabilities. Because through their apparent disability God can do extraordinary things. When we have a weakness and God works in spite of that weakness, we give Him the glory because we know that it was not by our might or strength.

He also cares about the details of behavior, so He imparts to us wisdom when we ask. Proverbs 4 starts off with Solomon encouraging his son to pay attention so as to grow wise. Don’t turn away from my teaching, in other words, listen up and pay attention.

Let these words sink deep because they bring life. Sometimes things seem alive on the outside, but they are rotting to death inside. Very rarely will things be healthy inside but sick on the outside. The more life you have at the core, the greater chance for a better future, but if you are sick at the core, it is only a matter of time before death sets in.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do.

Protect your heart. Pay attention to the details. Follow wisdom, for when you do life will be abundant with you.


~ by mikefoster on February 8, 2016.

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