Blogging the Bible

Exodus 9-11; Psalm 22:12-31

Everything God does is for His glory. This may sound egotistical or maniacal because for us it would be. But when you are the highest thing in the universe, there is no other end.

Egypt stands in the way of freedom for God’s people. They have horribly mistreated them for years. There cruelty demands discipline. God brings retribution through a series of plagues that begins with bloody water, frogs, gnats and flies. The plagues do not end there, they continue with an attack on livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and then, ultimately, the death of every first born male in every Egyptian home. This occurred so that the mighty power of God might be revealed in Egypt.

Like we said yesterday, Psalm 22 foreshadows the crucifixion. I had overlooked this part of the psalm for years.

Then I will declare the wonder of your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among all your people. (Psalm 22:22)

What is that? Declare your praise. In a crucifixion like event. Everything God does is for His glory, whether we understand it or not. Praise the Lord, Honor Him, Show Him reverence. We can do these things because He was poured out like water, bones out of joint, heart turned to wax and pierced His hands and feet. Through His punishment we receive satisfaction. For the Lord accomplished His good will through the death of His Son.

The hard time you are going through, may be the next tough situation where God wants to be glorified. How will your story be used to bring God glory?


~ by mikefoster on February 2, 2016.

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