Blogging the Bible

Mark 4-6; Psalm 18:1-24

Jesus is a master storyteller. All of His parables (stories) give a hint or direction as to how to who God is or what the Kingdom is like. It seems like most people missed the true meaning of His stories, even the Disciples needed “tutoring” afterward to understand the meaning. Jesus’ teaching should leave us in awe of who God is and spark in us a desire to pursue Him more.

Jesus has power over nature. He calms the sea. Heals the sick from a distance and without even knowing it (the woman touched His clothes without Him knowing). He makes more than enough food for everyone out of a small boys lunch. He walks on water. When You are the Creator of everything, when You made the rules, You know how to override them. The point to remember is that Jesus is greater than nature.

I love David’s absolute trust in God. He is my rock and fortress. Being the warrior that David was, he knew the benefit of a good fortress. He knew the benefits of reinforcements coming to the rescue. Who better to have on your side than God Himself? David praises the brilliance and majesty of God. As we look around today, may we find a glimpse of God’s brilliance along the way.




~ by mikefoster on January 26, 2016.

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