Blogging the Bible

Genesis 47-50; Psalm 16

Jacob blessing his sons is this tender moment before he passes. I find it interesting though some of the “blessings” he gives his sons. Some of them sound less than “blessing” and more like a curse. It does make you wonder about the back story on some of his sons that is not recorded for us in Scripture. I love how God even spoke through Jacob to that Jesus was going to be born into the family of Judah, even so many years before Jesus was born. He even prophesies where some of their future homelands will be.

In Psalm 16, David proclaims that the Lord is his refuge and that everything good comes from Him. Jacob knew that too and proclaimed those blessings (or not so blessings) on his children.

To David, the godly are his heroes. Who are the heroes around you?


~ by mikefoster on January 23, 2016.

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