Blogging the Bible

Genesis 33-36; Psalm 12

Have you ever experience reconciliation in a relationship? Can you imagine the hurt that Jacob experienced 20 years from home? The rift with Esau mulling over in his mind. Continually turning over. Then to come home to the warmth of a brotherly embrace. The hurt of the past was water under the bridge. Relationship restored. Peace between brothers. Life in harmony.

But where there is harmony, discord can quickly arise. First from outsiders, Dinah, the only girl among the boys, is violated by a local man. Though he professes his love for Dinah, the brothers are not going to let this trespass go unpunished. They talk the community into circumcision and while they are recovering, Simeon and Levi exact revenge and kill the men. Did they go too far? Maybe, probably. You never win by trying to right a wrong with a wrong.

Secondly from loss, Rachel get pregnant again and as she gives birth she dies, but not before giving birth to another boy, Ben-oni (or as he is called, Benjamin). The pain of loss is great, but as Israel (Jacob) gets settled in the land, they put away all other gods and idols and worship the God of Abraham and Isaac alone, the One who has protected them and returned them to this land.


~ by mikefoster on January 18, 2016.

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