Blogging the Bible

Genesis 30-32; Psalm 11

David prays a prayer of protection, trusting in God to guard him against all who may come to do harm to him. The Lord is in His holy temple, His house and from there He rules rightly. Those He judges for He guards; those against face judgment.

Look at the Jacob’s interactions with Laban. God obviously blessed Jacob. Jacob may be a deceiver, but his Uncle Laban was a scoundrel. Their work relationship seemed good as long as it mean good for Laban, but if Jacob was to benefit more, the relationship cooled. Jacob hears from God that it is time for him to go home. Jacob and Laban settle their accounts and then, while Laban is away, Jacob leaves for Canaan. Laban is bothered by this and takes off after him. But again we see God’s protection and blessing of Jacob.

As Jacob returns to see his brother, he remembers his fury when he left and sends gifts ahead to appease him. Esau has cooled and says the gifts are unnecessary.

The night before encountering Esau, Jacob sends his family ahead and he stays alone in a camp by himself. While alone God comes to visit and they wrestle. Seems an odd thing to do, but Jacob is a fierce competitor and they wrestle to a draw. He requests a blessing and is given a new name. No longer is he Jacob- the deceiver- he is Israel- one who struggles with God.

May we be willing to wrestle with God and allow Him to overcome our hearts. That through those encounters we may be more like Him and receive His blessing and protection.


~ by mikefoster on January 16, 2016.

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