Blogging the Bible

Genesis 27-29; Psalm 10

Jacob, with some help from Mom (Rebekah), steals Esau’s blessing from Isaac. This infuriates Esau, as he gave up his birthright in a previous encounter. If I were to picture the two brothers, Esau is built like a linebacker and Jacob is more like the kicker. There very well may have been some dread in Jacob’s eyes when he heard about Esau’s response.

Rebekah makes plans for Jacob to go to her brother Laban’s house, and Isaac blesses Jacob before he leaves. Just like a wife for Isaac was found back among family, Isaac is told to marry someone from his uncle’s house because the local girls are troublesome and don’t share the same faith.

On the journey there is this beautiful scene, while sleeping on a rock (not sure how one would do this, give me my memory foam contoured pillow or a nice down pillow anyday), God appears to him in a dream with angels going up and down a ladder. He has this theophany where God makes the same promise He made to Abraham and Isaac as well as promising to bring him back home from his uncle’s house. Jacob responds with worship, if you bring me home I will make the Lord my God and give Him a tenth of all that God gives him.

Jacob marries not one, but two of his cousins, in a way that you would have to read it or have been there to believe it. He is in love with Rachel, but she is childless. He was given Leah and she has given him children. Names and meanings were significant back then. Jacob’s name means “the one who grabs the heal” and means that he is a usurper and trickster, we have seen this come true already.

Leah names her first son Reuben (after her favorite sandwich, or not) because it sounds like the phrase “He has seen my misery” (probably the smell of the sauerkraut). It was evident that Jacob loved Leah less, yet the Lord blessed her with a son.

Her second son is named Simeon which means “the one who hears” because the Lord has heard that I am unloved and so He blessed me with another son.

Her third son is named Levi meaning “attached” for she thought now Jacob will love her more and become attached to him since she has been able to bless him with these three boys.

Finally, she has a fourth son and named him Judah, which comes from the word for “praise”. Instead of trying to impress and win over Jacob, she has moved on and decided to place her faith and trust in the Lord. It is interesting to note that it will be through Judah that Jesus will be born into the world. This is the line of Kings and God’s Messiah will be an ancestor to this son who was born in praise to God.

May Leah serve as a reminder to us to give praise to God instead of attempting to win the applause of men. May Jacob remind us that wherever life finds us, to worship God for He is faithful to deliver us from all of life’s trials if we seek Him first.


~ by mikefoster on January 14, 2016.

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