Blogging the Bible

Genesis 15-17; Psalm 6

God has had this covenant agreement with Abraham. “I am going to make you a great nation.” Nothing has seemed to happen with it yet. Abraham is living by faith, following what God has said, but with no children it is hard to build a great nation.

God meets with Abraham and tells him to bring some animals and cut them in half.  He does so and chases off the vultures as he waits for God. Then God appears as a smoking pot. This is an ancient covenant ceremony. The lesser would pass through the dead animals approaching the greater symbolizing that if they failed their end of the covenant what happened to the animals would happen to them.

Abraham waits for God to call him to walk between then animals, but then the oddest thing happened. God came to Abraham. When He does this He communicates that if Abraham fails the covenant, God will take the punishment upon Him. Years later He does so through Jesus.

Abraham later tries to build his family through his wife’s servant and Ishmael is born. God says that He will bless Ishmael, but he is not the child of promise.



~ by mikefoster on January 9, 2016.

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