Blogging the Bible

Genesis 10-11; Psalm 4

In the Psalms, David has a way of revealing God to us. There is something about the emotion of poetry and a song to convey the richness of God.

David calls out to God. His reputation is being impugned, and he trusts God to protect him. The Lord has set apart the godly for himself. He will answer when I call to Him.

Who are the godly? They are the ones who don’t let anger take hold, who wait for the right time to give a prudent answer. They worship and trust in God. Many may seek blessing from God, but it only comes to those who put their trust in Him.

Those who trust in God can sleep in peace knowing the Lord will keep them safe.

After the Flood, Noah’s boys repopulate the earth. We see a number of names, many who are only mentioned here. Others who are only listed as names in a genealogy. Some of these trusted in God. Others did their own thing.

A number of them got together and tried to build a tower that would reach to heaven. They did so to make their name great, the exact opposite of putting your trust in God.

So God confused their language because His plans cannot be thwarted. When we trust in Him we too will prevail. May our lives be identified as those who trust in God and follow His plan.


~ by mikefoster on January 7, 2016.

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