Blogging the Bible

So each year I make it my goal to read through the Bible. Usually I do this on my own and at my own pace. Sometimes I make it through the Bible in a year; sometimes it takes me a bit longer. Sometimes I abandon the plan midway through and do something else.

This year though I want to use my blog as a way to post insights from my reading. So, if you want to read along with me, this year I am going to use The Discipleship Journal Book at a Time reading plan (click the link to download your copy). The beauty of this plan is that it is based on 28 days (with 3 reflection days, only 25 reading days a month) which means that though today is January 4, I am not behind. No one likes getting behind in a Bible Reading plan because then you have to read the whole book of Leviticus in a day and that gets quite bloody (more on that in late February).

Day 1 (Genesis 1-2; Psalm 1)

Genesis 1-2 paint a beautiful picture of the world God created for us. I believe in the literal 6 days of creation, but even if you fall into the camp that God used evolution to create the world and this gives us but a snapshot of how it happened. The picture that is painted for us by these words shows us the great love and care that God has for us to create a special place like Earth for us to call home.

The right living conditions coming together at just the right  time and place in the universe for us to exist. He created food for us to eat, and a place for us to live. How beautiful Eden must have been.

Eden. How the world was meant to be. Psalm 1 mentions trees that bear fruit in season without fail and how their leaves never whither. This is number among the joys of those who do delight in doing everything the Lord wants. How I wish this were true of my life.

I do some of the things the Lord wants, some of the time, and there are days and seasons where I do more of what the Lord wants, more of the time than others. The best way I know to insure more consistent growth is by being more diligent to daily encounter God and His Word.

Those who delight in doing everything the Lord wants, Psalm 1 says they day and night think about God’s law, His Word, the Bible. The more we read, study and know, the more it should be reflected in what we do, say and think. May this be the start of a year where we grow more like Jesus.


~ by mikefoster on January 4, 2016.

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