The Joy of Ordinary

Growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete. I wanted to be the MVP, the star. Truth is, I was a pretty good athlete, but I probably was never destined to be a professional athlete.

One of the problems of our celebrity culture is we tend to give too much weight and voice to those who are known. We discredit or count less worthy those who are not known. We consider the beautiful people of greater worth than the common. We give greater honor to the gifted, the talented and the expert.

No where in Scripture does God greater honor to those with greater talent or beauty. In fact, we see Isaiah’s description of Jesus saying that He had no beauty that we should be attracted to Him. Jesus didn’t choose the rich, powerful or talented to be His disciples. He chose fisherman. He chose a tax collector. He chose those who may have been despised and rejected by society to be rich in Him.

So maybe today you are feeling just a bit ordinary. That’s good, because you are just the sort God will use to do something extraordinary.


~ by mikefoster on March 25, 2014.

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