Made new

One of the greatest thing about my job is seeing people make life changes. The tricky thing is life change looks different in everyone’s situation.

There are some people who need to get all the information first. They will study and prepare. They will investigate every nook and cranny before they come to a decision. I love these people because they know exactly what they are deciding to do. They look at all the angles and check everything out before they get their mind set. What can be frustrating about people like this though, is the amount of time it takes for them to come to a decision. Some people never get enough information to quell their doubts. Some people always seem to be on the search for something to disprove and derail their search.

There are some people who act first and get information later. These people tend to be impulsive and act on emotion, which has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Often people like this will see a need and react to it rather than just leaving it alone. As James writes, they know the good they ought to do it… and do it in that moment. The weakness is that they may flake out. They may not carry through with their commitment. To overcome this we must be sure to follow-up with the right information and provide the opportunities for them to learn what they have joined.

How do we respond to people in the process of life change? The ways are as varied as their are people. While I have posted two opposing positions, many of us fall somewhere in the middle. Some of us are more comfortable with spontaneity than others, while some of us can’t live without our calendar. Some of us need a lot of information in regards to some things, while reacting without information in others.

We should strive to accept people where they are, and  supply the information or encourage the action appropriate for them to take the next step. James also wrote, “Faith without works is dead.” Some times we find ourselves and others with faith, but needing action. Other times we find ourselves doing things, but not having all the faith (or knowledge) to do it right. Church let us strive to bring faith and action together, let us bring knowledge and commitment together. Let us connect head to heart to hands so that God may draw men to Himself through His Church.


~ by mikefoster on March 10, 2014.

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