Process of Becoming

Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry and industry in general with the assembly line. As the Industrial Revolution took off and produced more product and creating ever increasing margins, it was only natural for the church to do the same.

We will take a standardized approach and mass produce disciples. We will take the messiness out of the process and make it clean and simple. When we remove the mess from discipleship, we also remove a bit of the transformational power of the Gospel. Discipleship doesn’t produce the SAME Christian, we aren’t to be exact replicas of each other, we are to be representations of Jesus.

Some will have more of the prophetic side of Jesus, speaking tough words of truth. Others will represent the compassionate side of Jesus, going to great lengths to help those who are in the worst of conditions, that society has rejected. Some will display the pastor’s heart of Jesus, teaching, training and coming alongside others to help them continue to grow to be like Jesus.

We need all parts. To create a simple process that only creates monochromatic Christians in varying shades of gray does not honor the richness and fullness of the Christian experience. It does not represent the beauty of the Gospel and its hope for the world. We are called to One hope, One faith, One baptism and One God and Father over all, but God’s children do not all look alike. Some have darker skin, others pale. Some can sing. Others dance. Some are great thinkers, while others may be great athletes.

There is not ONE simple process in becoming like Jesus. Embrace the journey. Enter the mess. By the way you may want to buckle up, the ride may be a bit bumpy along the way… but it will be exhilarating.


~ by mikefoster on September 16, 2013.

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