Fresh Bread (cont.)

breadThe Israelites where on their exodus out of Egypt. Along the way they started to grumble to Moses about the lack of food. They were in a desert so it wasn’t like there was a vast variety of fruits to pick along the way. Their question did reveal a lack of faith in God.

God told Moses to tell them that He would provide food for them, but they were to only take enough for that day. Bigger families took more; smaller families less. It was a beautiful concept, only take what you need for each day. Once again though some people didn’t trust that God would provide each day. Some would take more than they would need and then keep it overnight. I like leftovers, probably more than the next guy (whoever he is), in fact, I would say food is often better the second day. But God had said, “NO LEFTOVERS.” The next morning they found their leftovers covered in maggots. (Sorry, should’ve offered a weak stomach disclaimer before that one.) I have a pretty strong stomach (I can watch CSI and eat dinner at the same time), but I think maggots would just about do it for me.

What did God tell the Israelites? You need to get Fresh Bread. When we live on yesterday’s teaching. When we keep our Bibles closed between the Sunday’s sermon and next Sunday’s sermon. When we don’t open our Bibles unless we are at church. We are living on Old Bread.

When we open our Bible new each day. When we talk with others about what God has been teaching them. When we read books that teach us more about God and how we are to live out His life in our world. We are getting Fresh Bread.

Freshly baked bread sustains the body, but Fresh Bread from God sustains the soul.

Just like you wouldn’t keep from filling your gas tank or forget to eat something each day, we must also remember to nourish our soul.

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)


~ by mikefoster on September 9, 2013.

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