On Sunday we flipped the tables at the Church of Christ at Hagerstown, no tables were actually flipped during the service but that would be cool to do sometime.

We took our normally well ordered and standardized service and sort of put it in a blender. We introduced some cognitive dissonance to the norm of expectation.

It is often in these disruptive moments that the greatest learning can occur. When we are in our comfort zone, we can often miss things of great importance because the pattern becomes white noise for the entire proceeding. The “white noise” of ritual can lead us to “sleep” on certain interactions. We can return an “I love you” to a spouse or loved one just because it is expected or we can return a thoughtful response.

With the “white noise” of our typical “liturgy” removed, the goal was to draw us to a a deeper connection to God through prayer. Instead of letting music prepare us for hearing the sermon, the sermon prepared us to come before God in song and prayer.

One of my favorite writers, Mark Batterson, says, “Change of Place + Change of Pace = Change of Perspective.” I think the same is true for any change in our routine. When we begin to change the variables in our life’s equation we open up the possibility for new connections and new learning to occur.

Here’s to flipping your life and allowing God to do something new in you!


~ by mikefoster on September 3, 2013.

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