Are we there yet?

The dreaded question from every family vacation, every trip I have been a part of. The anticipation of arrival at journey’s end builds with each passing mile. When we finally arrive, you can feel a huge sigh of relief. FINALLY HERE!

This is the same tension we live with in our discipleship with Jesus. We live in this tension of Now but Not Yet. We are saved, but sin is still present. We belong to Jesus, but some times we smell like the Devil.

The question is there, are we there yet? James tells us to be patient, God is still at work. Paul says, “Press on… not perfect yet but we keep straining forward.”

Just like at the end of a long journey, I believe we will breathe a sigh of relief, “FINALLY HERE!” When Jesus comes and takes us to be with Him. No more sin. No more struggle. We will rest in His presence and enjoy being with Him forever.

That sounds good doesn’t it. Worth the struggle. Worth the patience. Worth the wait. One day we will be there and all of this will be a distant memory. Until then may we continually pursue Him. May we make much of Him so that others may see Jesus at work in us.


~ by mikefoster on August 22, 2013.

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