Measuring stick

This week we move into our house. This is exciting because we will again have our own space (much thanks to Dan and Cora Franklin for letting us crash at their house while our housing situation settled out).

We begin the process of moving stuff out of storage and one of these things is a little wooden cabinet whose main job is to look nice, hold some decorative plates and many of our receipts for the year. Much more significant though is the back of the cabinet. It is here that we have charted the kids heights as they have grown. It is our measuring stick and has been fun to look at each time we measure them. At my parents house there is a piece of trim between the kitchen and the living room that charted the heights of my brothers and me. We all having physical measuring sticks somewhere, even if it is just our height and size in comparison to our parents.

What are our spiritual measuring sticks? These are harder to come by.

Is it church attendance? That shows commitment, but growth doesn’t occur just by showing up. Is it serving? We might view serving as community service and not an offering back to our God and Creator, using the gifts He has given us. Is it giving? Some people find it easier to write a check than give up control of their lives. Is it Bible knowledge or Scripture memorization?Like giving, people can hide behind a veneer of knowledge and words memorized by rote, but not let that knowledge work its way into the deeper recesses of our soul to allow them to change us at the core of who we are.

How do we measure up? While physical measuring sticks show our maturity, any number of spiritual measuring sticks will still show areas that don’t measure up. With the standard being Jesus, we must live ever mindful of the grace applied to our life. Unlike physical maturity that shows us growing bigger, spiritual maturity often finds us growing smaller and more in need of the grace that God offers.


~ by mikefoster on August 12, 2013.

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