On Babies

Babies have been in the news quite a bit this Summer, probably more so than any Summer in recent memory. It is awfully hard not to like a baby. Last night Eskai posted a picture of our daughter and me on the back porch practicing a song. Later, Eskai mentioned how many comments she had received on the picture. My thought, “It’s because it’s a picture of our daughter looking cute.”

You want to bring people out in droves, put people’s kids on stage and let them do cute stuff.

Back to the babies…

The early portion of the Summer (actually starting in the Spring and carrying over) was dominated by news of Kermit Gosnell and his mistreatment and murder of innocent life. No matter your stance on abortion (I am Pro-Life) his actions cannot be justified in any way. The stories we heard coming out of that trial were heart wrenching. I believe a form of justice was served at his conviction and sentencing. But those babies will never have the life that could have been theirs.

Some may say, they were unwanted and may have grown up in a house that was not very loving. They might have gone on to a life of crime or have lived out their days in poverty. But they could have also had a chance to pursue greatness, cure disease, make incredible art and challenge our thinking on the power of possibility. Sure they may have entered life as underdogs, but who doesn’t like a good underdog story. Unfortunately, for them we will never know.

In recent days, another baby has ruled the headlines. Currently this baby, like the ones in the Gosnell case, is nameless (though I am sure that will be rectified in a few days). Unlike Gosnell’s babies, we will hear a lot about this baby. His every move will be watched. His adolescent foibles will probably be paraded around news agencies in every corner of the globe. Where Gosnell’s babies had their possible life snuffed out before it began, this boy will have greatness and power thrust upon him at some point in the future (he is third in line for the throne, even if he is only a couple days old).

As a father, I love those moments when my children will let me snuggle them close. We might be watching a show, just sitting on the couch or getting ready for bed. I think of how our Heavenly Father longs to pull us close. I love dreaming of what the future may hold for my children (it is also a bit terrifying). I know our Heavenly Father longs to unfold our future before us, the possibilities that exist for those of us who love Him and have been called according to His purpose. Those of us who have been saved by grace, through faith and who have good works set before us by Him who saved us.

Just in case you forgot, it was because of a baby born to an unwed mother so many years ago that those possibilities can be ours.


~ by mikefoster on July 24, 2013.

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