A New Generation

Today I started the book You Lost Me by David Kinnaman. Kinnaman is a researcher for the Barna Group and has done great research in regards to how culture views the church.

Some of this research can make The Church mad because it makes us think through the why we do things. The church, in general, has done a good job of telling the truth. Focusing on right doctrine is the easy part, living out right doctrine the way Jesus has called us to is difficult. When the going gets tough, we fall back on truth instead of following through on the hard work of living out our right doctrine.

Seth Godin, in his blog from May 3, 2011, says,

Hard work is frightening. We shy away from hard work because inherent in hard work is risk. Hard work is hard because you might fail. You can’t fail at long work, you merely show up. You fail at hard work when you don’t make an emotional connection, or when you don’t solve the problem or when you hesitate.

The Church, for years, has wondered why its young people seem to leave the church. We have tended to point our fingers at our youth and scolded them for not being truly committed to Christ, instead of doing the hard work of making disciples that truly last. If we do more than just teach right doctrine and moved on to practicing right actions, people from all backgrounds and generations would see a more holistic picture of The Church. If this became our prominent course of action we would see far less exodus from the church  and a greater impact in our culture.


~ by mikefoster on July 22, 2013.

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