High Speed

For the last several weeks my life has felt like it has been moving at warp speed. You know those times when you start something new and you feel like you are forever a year behind, that is how I feel.

New faces. New names. New places. Will the old rhythm work in the new location? Can I keep my legs moving fast enough to keep ahead of the pace?

So how do we stay ahead of the pace? How do we slow things down so that we aren’t reacting to the urgent? How do we begin to move at the speed of the Spirit and not running on just guy instinct?

For me extended time reading and reflecting helps slow the pace of life down. It doesn’t always do much for the to-do list, but it puts my life in proper perspective to encounter the day ahead.

I like to journal out my prayers. To put my words on paper is a cathartic exercise. If I pray only in my head it is almost the words don’t exist, but once they flow out of the pen, there’s no pulling them back. Like squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube, you can scratch it out and clean it up but it came out.

What do you need to put on paper? Etch in stone? Make more than just a thought in your head? Maybe that step of faith of “putting it in writing” is the next move you need to make in following in obedience.

When we follow in obedience, the high speed becomes the Spirit’s speed and that is a lot easier to handle.


~ by mikefoster on June 3, 2013.

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