Office Makeover

I am sitting in my office on this fine Monday morning in Chicagoland. As I sit back in my chair I look at how different my office looks from just a couple of weeks ago. I also think about how much it has changed in the two years since I became the Sr. Pastor at Summitview.

I had a beautiful desk donated to me. So now instead of facing a wall with a small amount of work space, I have a great L-shaped workstation upon which to work. My chair has changed as well and is probably the most comfortable desk chair I have worked in.

With that my bookshelves, which used to be all the way across the room, have been moved closer to the area by my desk. I can have any of a myriad of resources at my fingertips in seconds.

It may not be much, but sometimes the little things like updating your work area can bring about greater inspiration and help make your work more effective.

This is not a business blog, but I love how things from church world can often get translated over into other areas of life to benefit the lives of others. Here’s to you making the most of your day and helping others achieve greater heights.


~ by mikefoster on October 1, 2012.

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