Product and Customer Service

When it really comes down to it doesn’t everyone’s job come down to a product to sell and customer service?

Take for example some parts for my car that the previous owner had purchased and that  I needed to exchange. One dealership wouldn’t do anything with them because they weren’t purchased there. They would sell the parts at some point so why not swap my parts for the ones I need. They have a product I need, but there poor customer service may keep them from getting my business.

The Chicago Public Schools are on strike. The teachers in the Chicago Public School have the highest average salary of any city in the nation, yet they only graduate 60 percent of its students. It seems to me the parents need to go on strike and demand a better product for their children. The teachers seem to be “charging” too much for a product that isn’t being backed up with proper “customer service”.

Even in the church we have a product, Weekend services, small groups, the different ministries we provide. There are many churches who sell their product short. They don’t maintain a level of excellence. They don’t “package” their product in a way that is desirable to new “customers”. They would tell you that their focus is on “customer service” yet everything about what they do says they cater to the “VIP customers” and not expanding their “customer base”.

So what is your product? Mine is to share the hope of Jesus with as many people as I can, in as many ways that I can so that more will believe in Him. How’s your product? Is it good?

How’s your customer service? We are working all the time to present our product and connect with our “customers” in better ways. We are far from a finished product, but our desire is connect with people in real and genuine ways. We want to build a relationship with them that moves all of us closer to being like Jesus. Do your customers “feel the love”? Or are they wondering if you care?

If you have a good product but poor customer service, you will probably lose the sale.

If you have good customer service but a bad product, you probably won’t make any sales.

If you have a good product and good customer service, you have the potential for great things.

Church we have the best product. Jesus calls us to love others well. We have the potential to do great things. Let us harness that potential for the Glory of God.


~ by mikefoster on September 12, 2012.

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