A Daughter’s Request

My wife and I are not the types of parents who just give our children everything they ask for. We weren’t raised that way and we feel it is fundamentally unhealthy for kids to have everything their heart desires, plus we couldn’t afford it.

There are a few requests that we will grant just about every time. There is nothing like being asked for a hug or a kiss. Unsolicited hugs and kisses are the best and when they are asked for, it is even better. It takes me what feels like 10 minutes longer than any other Dad to get out the door in the morning because even after having given everyone kisses, once they hear the door break open for me to exit I’ll hear “Mo’ kiss, mo’ hug.” (Jadon started that before he could fully pronounce “more” and it has stuck.) I know my kids love me.

So today is my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, and she is a ball of energy and nerves. Yesterday evening as we were sitting around the house before dinner she comes up to me and asks, “Daddy, will you pray for me tomorrow at lunch when I am at school.” It is moments like these that I know we are raising our daughter well. She realizes and is sensitive to the fact that she is entering a whole new world and wants me to go before her in the fight and call upon God and His angels to be ever surrounding her. What better request could she ever make?

So my dear, sweet girl know that your Daddy has prayed for you often today as you take your first steps into school. Your Mommy and I are so proud of you, and we love you very much. You are going to do great!


~ by mikefoster on August 27, 2012.

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